Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot or Cold???

It’s no surprising announcement that I like my coffee. I like hot coffee, iced coffee, happy coffee just about any coffee. With that said, I’m not one of those “have to have it every day” kind of people. For me my coffee should be part of an experience. Even if it’s just the three minutes I give myself to sit down and sip a mug full. I can’t drink on the run and I really don’t enjoy having it while I’m busy trying to get other stuff done. I am completely incapable of drinking from a to go mug. Not the kind that you get at the drive thru with the little hole in the plastic lid. I can handle that. It’s the nice travel mugs you fill up at home and take with you. Nope. I either spill it on myself or somehow aspirate and end up chocking. So fine, I’ll stick to my regular mug and sitting at home. My favorite coffee is the cup that comes with a good friend. Coffee is best as a social event.

When I’m cold, I like to curl up with a nice steamy cup-o-Joe. The warmth from the mug soaks into my hands and almost makes my whole body relax. When it’s hot out, I can find just as much relief from a nice iced coffee.
For the kid party the other day I had a huge pitcher of iced coffee made to give the Mommies a special treat.

Here are a few of my tricks for a refreshing iced coffee drink. Let’s say you want to end with a pot of 8-cups of coffee. Scoop a heaping 6 scoops of coffee into the filter but only pour about 5 or 6 cups of water in the coffee maker. Start the brew and wait a few minutes for the coffee maker to do it’s job. As soon as it’s done brewing take the pot off the hot plate and turn the coffee maker off. I open the lid to the pot and let the heat out. Slowly I will start to add ice to bring up the water level to the original desired amount (8-cups). Be careful not to add too fast you don’t want to crack the glass. If you rather, you can transfer the coffee into a plastic pitcher and add you ice there. Once I have the water level up I add some creamer. I like the flavored creamer. The cold creamer will help to chill your drink off a little faster too. I always add more creamer to iced coffee than I would add to hot. You might need to play around with amounts until you get the ratio that works for you tastes. Now pour into a glass filled with ice and enjoy.

If you have planned ahead you might be able to pour that drink over some coffee ice cubs.
The day before I made the iced coffee I took the leftover coffee from the morning pot and poured it into an ice cube tray. With coffee ice cubes I could make sure the coffee was really cold but didn’t have to worry about it become diluted.

I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed their drink.

Hot or cold…what’s you favorite??
Do you have any ideas on how to jazz up a coffee drink?


Together We Save said...

I like to put cocco in my coffee!! I like that chocolate taste!!

Liz Mays said...

I don't even drink coffee, but you have me so interested in starting now!

Intense Guy said...

My favorite cup of coffee is from a dunkin donut shop down at the 30th street train station - french vanilla - sweetened and over-creamy.. and hot... after I've walked 6 miles in on a windy cold winter day to get there and now I'm waiting for the train to take me home again.

:) I only drink it hot and when the weather is cool/cold.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Mmmm... you make some good coffee. Like the coffee ice cubes. Keeps it strong!

I put almond milk in my coffee now. Not as good as creamer, but it is clean and good for you and it gets better.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm a hot coffee girl! I'm loving the ice cube tray with coffee oh yes love it! It's an adult popsicle ... lol

Heather said...

Oh that looks yummy - but too late to have any now. I'm a travel mug in the morning type of girl. Also LOVE the weekends when we can have a few cups of coffee in pics with the kids watching cartoons. Now I can't wait for the morning and a coffee treat.

Liz Mays said...

Alright now....I keep checking and there's never an update. July 19th? Let's get busy over here! lol