Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just Say'n...

I love Halloween. I think it’s a fun holiday that brings out your inner rock star or gives you the chance to be something different…out of character, even if for just a day. Plus you get candy to boot. Nothing wrong with that.

Then BAM, we’re into Christmas??!??

While I’ve never been much of a Christmas person. I am seeing it differently now that I’m a Mom. I am working at finding the magic of it each day. However, I think it is commercialized to the hilt and that it can be difficult to see the magic through all the extra hustle and bustle, the increase in traffic, the over-stocked shelve and crowded isles. It becomes so easy to loose sight of that little baby. I mean that is what created this holiday, right? That tiny baby, in that far off land…born in a barn. Any of this ringing a bell? I think that story gets a little misplaced sometimes when the grouchy driver is blowing his horn or the snarky sales clerk grunts at you.

Anyway, all of that aside there is a holiday that’s falls between the two. Anyone? Anyone??

I know, I know, it doesn’t get much attention. Well, I mean how much can you commercialize a day about food? It’s about food isn’t it? Oh, wait, no, that’s why there is so little attention to the day. There aren’t too many ways for someone to make a buck. Unless you’re a grocery store but everyone eats all year round anyway so not a huge difference here.

They don’t write songs for it. (That’s why the Christmas music starts the day after Halloween). There’s no over packaged candy or treat. No magical fairy tail land to make a movie about. But it is something deserving of a little attention. So, while you’re eating your “fun size” candy out of that black and orange wrapper and listening to How Grandma got run over by a reindeer, take a minute to be grateful. Think about something you have struggled through and overcome. Think about a new friend you made. Think about those who have sacrificed so you could have more. Think about the things you are grateful for and it will help you get ready for the next holiday. The one about that baby.

Meanwhile, from Me

The Hubby...

And our three little turkeys...

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Subtle Decorating

After repainting most of the rooms in my house I was on a mission to also come up with new wall d├ęcor. For the one wall in my kitchen I already had two metal pieces that I thought would look good against the new color. Then I found a triple picture frame that would be just right for….

Hmm??? Something?

I liked the shape and that it would hold three photos. I thought about maybe adding some black and white photos of each of the kids. Then after I had it in place I thought it would be better put to use if I could pull the colors of the room together.
The rest of the living room - kitchen space has brown, beige and little pops of apple green.

I tried to stage photos of real items that I could then use in the frames but I wasn’t having much luck at the time with getting the right look out of the pictures. Then I found some scrapbook paper that would do the trick nicely.

I wanted mushrooms to pull out the beige color but the sepia image of the daisies works too. The green apples were perfect. I originally wanted coffee for the brown color but the chocolate made for a good substitute.

It didn’t take long for my brain to start spinning out new ideas on what other things could go in those frames. It quickly turned into the perfect place to add holiday or seasonal decorations. I made them all on the computer or added some simple artwork by hand.

Here’s the one I use during Halloween

For now, this is what I have for Valentine’s Day.

I put these three together last St Patrick’s Day.

This one is for Easter.

I put this out for the fourth of July.

Next month I’ll get this set in the frames for Christmas.

Right now I have a simple “Give Thanks” in there.

It reminds me daily that I have so much to be grateful for.

Do you have any ideas for subtle decorating? You know, something simple in a tiny space that is a little unexpected.

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