Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to Reality

I know I’ve been absent for a few weeks. The chaos of daily life hit hard a few days before leaving for vacation. I had planed on getting a few things done before going but time moved on despite my protest. So there was no updated blog post, no auto-reply set on my e-mail, no new photo for my face book page… Oh well, shame on me. I did miss hopping around the blog world and commenting on your blogs. I hope to get to you soon!!!!

We had a great time at the beach. We went to stay at my friend’s place. (The same place we visited last year). Thank goodness for people like her. The kids loved the ocean. My oldest has just recently learned to swim and was thrilled to be capable in the water this year. My perceptually challenged child was able to walk a straight line this year and not tilt over as the tide went in and out. My little man had a blast in the world’s largest sand box. I even had fun joining in on the sandcastle building.

You truly get a sense of how big the beach and the ocean is when you are watch three little people. Not the most relaxing time I’ve had at the beach but at the end of the day… F.U. N.

But wait…

What’s that you say…

I’m just now starting to get back in the swing of our regular routine and here we are looking at the last day before school starts.

Thankfully I washed the uniforms, bought new school shoes, and organized school supplies in the new backpacks before we went on vacation. Whew.

Here and here are few ideas on making the back to school transition a little smoother.

How’s the end of summer going for you????

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Gallery

This spring the entry hall into my house was on the list for rooms to be painted. After it got a fresh new color it was time to put the pictures back on the wall. I made a few changes from what had been there before we painted. I added a few new pictures and I pulled out some old photos and got them framed. I also framed a quote I like and hung a few skeleton keys for a little added interest.

To get everything back on the wall and make sure it looked balanced without making too many holes, I mapped things out first.

I traced each of my frames onto pieces of paper and then started taping them to the wall. This way I could move them around until I liked the way it looked. It was like shuffling pieces of a puzzle to get the right fit. After the paper pieces were lined up just right we started replacing them one by one with the framed photos.

I’m real happy with the way they turned out and I love looking at all the memories.