Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Luck Olympians!!

Every now and then I get the kids to make a T-shirt for their Dad. We usually make them for Father’s day. Sometimes I think up other reasons to make him a shirt. With the opening ceremonies this Friday, I decided hubby could use a new shirt for the Olympics.

If you want to try one…
Here’s what you’ll need:

T-shirt (washed and dried)

Cardboard covered with a plastic bag (to slide inside the shirt during painting)

Fabric paint in Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Green

Some paper plates and disposable cups

Working with one kid at a time I used their hands to make an American flag (sort of).

Drizzle some paint on a plat and press little hands into the paint. The boy did the field of blue, then my middle child did the top stripe and the oldest one did the bottom two stripes.

After they were done with their part, I worked on the rings from the Olympic flag.

Using the top of some cups I mimicked the rings. I was doing fine right up until the last one. (Isn’t that the way it always goes???) I smeared the green rings as I was making it so I went back and did something similar to the other rings so it would like I meant to do that… Urg!

I was doing fine right up until the last one. (Isn’t that the way it always goes???) I smeared the green rings as I was making it so I went back and did something similar to the other rings so it would like I meant to do that… Urg!

Bottom line, the kids got to work on a craft for Daddy and they had fun.

Go team USA!!!

Good Luck to all the athletes from all the countries!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Have you seen my Mojo?

I'm not feeling very motivated these days...
Over the past several weeks I’ve had a few passing thoughts of possible blog topics go through my head. I even sat down and began to write a few times. I just can’t seem to find the right motivation. I’m not feeling very passionate about writing right now. Maybe, I have writers block. Maybe I can only multi-task in so many areas of my life at one time and something had to give. Maybe it’s that “blah” feeling that is holding me back.

It could be that I am overextended. Summer vacation from school means Mommy has to fill in all the gaps. I try to have the kiddos in a few structured programs but that just means Mommy chauffer is busier. If they are not otherwise involved in a program, I try to vary their activity with a trip to the park, a play date or something like that to keep them stimulated. All of that, is using up extra brain power. Not to mention that I have two July birthdays that had me a little busy. A Family party and 2 kid parties with all the shopping and whatnot that goes into those plans takes up what spare brain power I have.

I don’t know. Am I complaining? Maybe I’m board with my routine. Maybe I need to do something to shake it up for ME.

I came across a blog post today that got me thinking.
When I’m reading blogs, I like to stop in and see what the Domestic Fashionista is up to. She recently had a post titled What if…?

The idea is, that when things seem to get boring, you ask yourself… What if…?

I felt that I could relate to some of the questions she asked herself.

What if I stopped blogging?

As you may have noticed I haven’t really been up to date there much lately so that didn’t really help my problem but I do wonder what it would be like to not worry about what to blog next or how to keep readers interested and coming back.

What if I painted my walls white?

If you’ve been around here at all, you would know that that is something not possible in my world. In fact, I just painted the kids bathroom and my son has finally had his room transformed from nursery to Big Boy room. (There might be another reason I’m not blogging much now.)

What if I only wrote from my heart and not to fill in time or space?

I don’t know that I fill my time with blogging so much but I do think I’m not always writing from my heart. I hold back often, worried about who might read the things that are in my head and then (gasp) not approve.

What if I stopped worrying about pleasing other people?

A-ha!! Stop Worrying!!?? Well then, that would solve a few of my issues but I worry it would create more trouble. If I didn’t worry, who would? If I didn’t worry then I might be way too honest. What kind of fallout would come of that!!???

Then I came up with a few more questions to ask myself…

I need to shake this funk and try to be more motivated in a few areas so, What if…

What if I had more time in the day? (Would I do more or get less done?)

What if I didn’t worry so much? (Is that possible? Please tell me how?)

What if my work space was really organized? (I think I need a bigger space first but to be more organized would help me enjoy my work more. Then I remember what my Pap-pap used to say, “It’s like getting 10 lbs. of s**t in a 5 lbs bag” just not going to happen.)

What if my house could stay clean for a day? (I start at one end and by the time I get to the other end things are a mess. It usually looks like a bomb when off in here. I think I would feel really good, a sense of accomplishment, if I could turn around and see a clean house)

Where do you find your motivation??

What kind of questions do you ask yourself??

What if......