Monday, April 20, 2015

Done but not Finished...

Today I made this annoucment on my "Rebecca Designs" facebook page.

I’ve decided to (for a lack of a better term) to downsize Rebecca Designs. (for now)
I can’t really say I’m closing up shop (yet). I have decided to stop doing vendor shows for the time being. I have plenty of inventory to continue selling on Etsy and I have tons of supplies to keep me busy making new items. I love the jewelry I make and won’t stop. I will continue as a hobby, just scaled down to creating things for myself, family, friends and the occasional “by request”.
I will be posting on FB when I have something new up for grabs. And I will continue to add items to my Etsy Shop. So keep “liking” FB posts to be sure you get Rebecca Designs info in your news feed.


I can think of several reasons that I could put down as my motivation for “downsizing” Rebecca Designs. But the bottom line is, that it’s just not as much fun for me as it once was.

I will be working over the next several months to liquidate my collection of finished products, as well as my stock of jewelry making supplies. (Don’t worry, I’ll hold onto a few things, I can’t let go entirely) So keep your eyes open for sales and giveaways. If you haven’t “liked” my Rebecca Designs page please do so, it will keep you in the loop of what is happening. You’ll find out first when I have new items for sale and when there are super great deals or giveaways. If you have “liked” my page be sure you have checked the get notifications in news feed as a drop down choice.  


I have more than enough avenues to explore my creative side and to keep me busy. Once I clear my head (and my office) of all the current clutter, there is no telling what might be next for me. I know I’m excited to find out!