Friday, February 1, 2013

100th Day Shirt

To celebrate the one hundredth day of this school year my little guy needed to wear a shirt with 100 of something on it or bring 100 items into school. (100 safety pins on a shirt or a bag with 100 pennies or something of that nature.) I thought it would be fun if he had a shirt with something creative, to display 100 of something…but what??? Thanks to Pinterest, I found a few cute ideas.

I decided to paint a monster on his shirt and give him 100 eyes.

I was able to use supplies that I already had at home. I took a plain T-shirt with nothing on the front, out of his closest.

I have plenty of fabric paint from other shirts we make at home and I use some left over spongy beads (from a different craft project) to use as a stamp for the eyes. (You could also use erasers or a bottle cap from a 2 litter bottle to make the circle shape.)

First give your monster a fun furry outline, some squiggly legs and antennae. After you give him a mouth, you can start filling him up with eyes. Using the soft foamy beads, I put a short piece of wire through them to make it a little easier to hold.

I made two big eyes near the middle of his face then several medium sized eyes and then I filled in the rest of the space with smaller eyes.

Once I felt I was close to 100 I counted, then counted and then counted and THEN made a few really tiny eyes to get 100!


Once the white paint was dry (about an hour) I went back in and used a pencil eraser to make the colored part. The shirt dried fully over night and now he’s ready to go.

Now I have 2 happy monsters!