Monday, July 28, 2014

North Country Trail

This scenic trail runs from New York through seven states, 12 National Forests and ends in North Dakota. It covers 4600 miles.  
We have visited portions of the trail that go through Moraine State Park and McConnell’s Mill State Park. This past weekend we stayed at the Davis Hollow Cabin which is operated as a hostel by the North Country Trail volunteers.  
For a reasonable donation you can stay at the cabin. A portion of it is over 200 years old. An addition was put on 100 years ago. It also offers tent pads around the outside of the cabin for hikers to have a base camp. We had the whole place to ourselves. We camp with another family and there was plenty of room for the nine of us.
The cabin was upgraded with a working kitchen and two bathrooms but there are no bathing facilities. However, you can use the showers at the Marina.
The cabin is a short walk to the Marina on Lake Arthur. There is also a seven mile bike trail that goes around the lake. We took our own bikes but you can rent bikes at the park. It was a weekend full of activities for the kids to build lasting memories.
Here are some photos of the cabin.
As you walk up from the driveway.
The back side. Peer through the trees and you can see the lake.
The fire pit
The picnic area next to the fire pit
The eating area as you enter from the porch
The kitchen just off the side of the eating area
From the eating area step down to the great room
The great room from another viewpoint

Go up the steps from the photo above and this room is on the left. It sleeps five people. This room and the other bedroom are also connected with the shared bathroom.

This room is to the right at the top of the steps. the door to the bathroom is in the back left corner here. This room sleeps six people.

 Such a fun relaxing weekend!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Catch a Dream

Summers around here tend to be quite busy. There are sport camps and vacation bible school, play dates, picnics in the park, weekend trips, camping and we didn’t even get to vacation yet. Yet despite the go, go, go of it all, there are still the occasional days that the kids can’t seem to find anything to do.
I think sometimes they have so many choices, that they just can’t see any of the options in front of them and nothing seems like it would be fun. If I’m on my “A” game, I try to pick something simple for them to occupy their time to use some creativity. With nothing to do…I tossed some yarn and pipe cleaners on the table.
They were able to work together to bend the pipe cleaners into a variety of shapes, wrap them in colored yarn and create several dream catchers to decorate the light above my kitchen table. I’ll be keeping these supplies close at hand for the next time I hear “There is nothing to do”.