Friday, March 26, 2010

Dealing with Change

Change is one of those things that just happens. You may or may not always have a lot of control over the changes around you. There are some changes in the capital that are making people nervous. I’ve made several changes around here and all the hubby can say is “It’s growing on me.” (What does that mean???)

Over the past several months there have been some changes to the landscape in this neck of the woods. Apparently, they have found pockets of natural gas in the area and have started drilling in the neighborhood. I love where I live. I’m close to a big city but I feel like I live way out in the country. I’m in a cute little neighborhood with sidewalks and kids out playing in each other’s yards. I get to look out my windows and see open fields farmland and cows grazing. Now I get to drive past this everyday.

It was sad to watch the trucks come in and start moving the land around. Every day there are more trucks and trailers and large pieces of equipment making their home in my neighborhood. I know the people who farmed that land made good deals and are reaping some kind of benefit from this. I know it’s a good thing to find a resource in our own country. I still wonder if all this change is good. We can hear the drilling.

There’s another drill just over this hillside.

And one just over this one too.

This drill site is just down the road from me. The people that live close to this one complained enough that they built a wall to help reduce to noise. At night sometimes you can see the flame from the burn off. (I wish I knew the purpose of that)

Change is inevitable. Is change a good thing???
How do you deal with change???


Alexis AKA MOM said...

OH my girlie what a crazy thing to have going on next to you. I know what the neighbors thought with the construction company using the empty lot next to me. Thankfully just Mon - Sat 5:30am to 4pm. I'm up working and the boys sleep like logs.

Change I'm not always the best with it.

Intense Guy said...

Flaring (the flame you see at the well) is the practice of burning gas that is deemed uneconomical to collect and sell. Flaring is also used to burn gases that would otherwise present a safety problem.

It is common to flare natural gas that contains hydrogen sulfide (i.e., sour gas), in order to convert the highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas into less toxic compounds.

Of course that means they are dumping a bunch of nasty pollutants into the air. :(

I think mankind's continual "rape" of the Planet Earth is inevitable - I don't know of a good way to deal with it - I've try to ignore as much as I can thinking - I won't be here in 50 years to care any more but that ... saddens and frustrates me.