Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I got a feeling...

…tonight’s going to be a good good night!

Do you have one of those days where you look around and think is this really where I want to be? You might look back and think is this all the further that I’ve gotten? You might look ahead and wonder where will I be in another year?

You know those days… days that mark a milestone or the days that put life into perspective. Sometimes you anticipate these days with excitement. Sometimes they can be a real let down. Sometimes these days creep up on you. Sometimes you might dread the inevitable occurrence.

Oh, you can try to ignore them you can try to forget them but they will come no matter what you do. My day is today. I always review the years gone by and where I was way back then. I always think about where I am now and the hurdles that I maneuvered to get here. I always wonder what will be a head for me and how I will approach it.

There have been some… not so good days that have gone by. But they are gone. I was a little unsure as this day was approaching but now that it’s here… It’s going to be a good good day!!!!

I have a phenomenal family! I have amazing friends! I have a life that is full. I may not have always enjoyed the journey but I am so happy to here. I am so ready for what might be next and excited to see what it will bring… whenever it gets here. No rush. This is a good place.

25 was terrible. 30 was tolerable… barely. 40 was a blur. 42, so far… it’s great!!!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your special day!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Happy Birthday my dear it's so glad you can look back on this roller coaster of life and see all the ups and downs but love it and the journey that got you there!

To another milestone that will bring more happy memories then others.