Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Irish...

I’m not Irish but I’ve always loved St. Patrick’s Day. In my younger days it was just a fun “holiday” to drink beer and have Irish coffee all day. I could do without the corned beef or the cabbage but I do love anything potato so that was always a plus. Now I have an Irish husband. Well, He’s 7/8 Irish. We are sure to make a big deal about St. Patrick’s Day around here. Hubby’s grandfather was even born on St. Patrick’s Day so there is all kinds of celebrating going on. AND his name…is Patrick. Go figure. This year the old bird will turn 93.

Happy Birthday Pap paw!!!!

We do all sorts of things to get in the spirit. Last night we made chocolate covered pretzel rods for the kids to share at school (naturally they are green). Everyone will be decked out in his or her best green attire, the girls will have green fingernails and we’ll be making our rainbow cake today. I’m sure I’ll awake to a messy kitchen Thursday morning. That mischievous Leprechaun comes in through the night and turns things up side down! Last year he spilled “Lucky Charm” cereal all over the place.

I decorate as much for Saint Patrick’s Day as I do for any other holiday. Most of the house is coated is something green.

Here’s a new decoration I added to the collection this year.
I stated with a plate, chalkboard contact paper, a pattern of a clover and some leftover (post-Christmas discount) ribbon.

The image I found for the clover was fuzzy after being enlarged, so I had to trace around the edge to get a better image.

Then I cut it out and traced it onto the contact paper. Once I had the contact paper cut out I positioned the chalkboard clover on the plate. I used some hot glue to attach a piece of ribbon to the back of the plate and…

The kids love being able to change the message.

Have a fun and mischievous Saint Patrick’s Day!!!!


Heather said...

How cute and creative! You've once again left me in the dust! Love how you make every holiday special.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Super cute... I love it! I love this day too!!! Have fun and I will see your green self later on hopefully!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

FIRST off my dear does your brain EVER not come up with cool things?

2nd off you crack me up, no pot of gold left for you either? Darn but lucky charms is a nice parting gift ... lol

blueviolet said...

That is so simple, but really cute and fun!

Intense Guy said...

Hope you and yours had a wonderful St Paddy's Day!!!

I love me some corned beef and (even) cabbage! Potatoes too...

I'm only 1/4 Irish - so I be envious of ye lass... LOL!

...envious of those crazy mad skills you have with the handmade crafts!! Those shamrocks look awesome!

Hope you find your pot of gold somewhere... someday... keep that eye open for the leppycons... :)