Monday, June 6, 2011

Random thoughts, ideas and comments

Did you know I have a blog???
Yep. Sure do. I left it blowing in the wind for a month but I have one. You’d think I could be a little more attentive to the poor thing and post something new a little more often. Geez. Slacker.
Let’s just say there are times when life is a circus act and I’m juggling way too many things. I know you all can relate. Many thanks to you for sticking in there with me!!!!

I’m out of my rhythm so I thought I would just toss out a few sporadic and disconnected thoughts running threw my head. Lucky you….

Poor planning…

Sometimes the best-laid plans get de-railed. Did you ever feel like no matter how hard you’re trying things are just not coming together the way you’d like? There is a new development going in, not too far from my house. When I pass by this road with the pole in the middle, it strikes me funny. I’m sure it’s temporary with some sort of plan to move it or at least I hope so. But there are just days when I feel like this. “Huh, seemed like a good idea but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind????” Lesson learned… Always have a plan B.
(BTW~~ Iggy did ya see your friend in the photo?)

I think everyone should witness a full military funeral at some point just to witness the honor and protocol, not that anyone should have to feel that kind of loss of a life. We loss our Pap-paw the week before Memorial Day. He was my husband’s grandfather. He had almost 30 great-grandchildren (3 of them are my kids). He was a good guy and lived a full and long life. He was 92. On a moments notice we packed up and drove out to Central PA. The emotional toll was heightened by having to teach our little ones about death. To verbally go through what was happening and what to possibly expect before it happened and then to process it for their little brains after the fact was extra difficult on us. Getting the kids threw it all was one thing but being there for the formality of a color guard, 21 gun salute and a bugler playing taps off to the side, just brings every man to his knees. The folding and presentation of the flag is beyond words. If you never have before, say a prayer for our military men and women and their families.

To do, to do, to do…
Is it me or does the “to do” list grow by 2 for every one thing that gets crossed off???
I now have so many lists going that I think I might need to make a list of which list I should do first.

Trapped in adolescence.
Did you ever watch someone repeatedly go from one bad relationship to another? Makes you wonder when they will finally grow up. It’s like that starry-eyed teenager that changes who she is to try and make a boy happy or ditches her friends because he wants to go out. How long can you hold onto a lost youth before you wake up????

When did sleep get so illusive?
Remember when we were kids and you never wanted to go to bed because the fun would stop. Now as an adult you start thinking about going to bed earlier and earlier in the evening.

Laugh like a kid.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle up some baby giggles and open it up anytime you wanted something to smile about? Better yet, let’s find a way to bottle up the energy that children have so you could run and jump and scream and laugh and play all day long… and still not want to go to bed. J.

Glass half full.
There will always be people who hurt those around them again and again. Thankfully, there are even more people around who just make you feel good. I so glad to have so many wonderful friends in my life. You guys rock!!!!

Taking all bets.
So anyone want to guess how long it will take me to post to my poor little blog again???


Liz Mays said...

There's nothing like a full military funeral. Powerful.

You're excused for your absences. I'll be here no matter how lame you are. LOL (totally kidding!)

Good luck with all this juggling you're doing!

Intense Guy said...

I'm sure they will be moving that pole and wires at some point. It does look kind of odd and amusing the way they left it - and with one of my buddys to guard the pole (but really, if you can't see the pole... should you be driving??)

The military funeral has been developed over the years to provide everything it does... with dignity and honor.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you celebrate Paw-paw life and remember all the "good guy" things about him. I suppose he was a WWII vet. I treasure my grandfather's flag. It is in a triangular oak display case.

I would love to laugh like a kid again... it's been awhile since I have.

I hope you blog again when the spirit moves you - (its not an obligation you know). :)

- Hugs -

Amyt said...

I think you covered quite a few topics. So, you are good for a while! Summer is here! Don't forget to ditch the to do list for day and just have fun!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I have those moments, but know we're here whenever you get the spunk to post. Life sometimes takes us over and family and those things mean so much more.

I've never been to a full military funeral but from what I've heard it really is very moving.