Monday, April 30, 2012

Not my cup of tea.

Have you ever tried to do something that you knew wasn’t really for you but you went ahead and tried anyway??

I am always trying to teach my kids to be open to new things. Try a new activity or a new food, something you haven’t done before. “Who knows, you might like it.” So with that in mind, I try to step out of my box (I really like my box) and do things that I might not be comfortable with or things that are different for me. I want to expand my horizons, meet new people, try new things and see what the world has to offer. It’s part of the journey, right???

I don’t think I’m a prima-Donna. I’m not really THAT prissy. I like to get dirty. I love to dig in the ground and plant my flowers. I am always looking for something to paint and often spend days trying to remove some spot of paint from my skin or hair. But when I socialize, I like to be comfortable. I really don’t function when I’m cold. Like; coat on, shivering, my toes are numb cold, is not going to work for me. Standing around in a dirty garage, tolerable in short bursts. All evening??? Nope. No plate, no napkins and I’m probably not going to be interested in food. (That says something because I love food.) I find cigar smoke very offensive. I will be distracted by the smell and my burning eyes and find it hard to converse.

I knew going into the gathering that I might not have fun. I tried really hard not to express myself too much (smile) and I held back from running home as early as I wanted. But I think they all noticed.

How will I integrate with a new group if this is how I started???
I want to be part of the group but some things stress me out more than they should.


We’re going camping soon. Not just my micro family but with a group. A group of old friends and new friends.

I’ve never been camping.

I get close sometimes. By close, I mean in the morning after hubby has “camped” in the back yard with the kids I bring coffee down and sit for a few minutes.

I’m not only worried about the camping trip but fitting in with the others who are going. After running away from the smoke filled garage party, I want to be sure I’m not the one whining and complaining about the conditions. I want it to be a good memory for the kids and for all of us. Hubby is so excited for the new tent and has been tracking its delivery minute by minute.

I don’t want to be the topic of conversations. (“Remember that girl who didn’t let her kids get dirty?” “Wow she was so uptight about everything”) I don’t want to be that girl. I want to have fun and make memories for my kids. I’m just not sure camping is my cup of tea.

I keep thinking about the skiing trip and how much I liked sitting by the fire, drinking Irish coffee. That was all I liked about skiing. It’s not my cup of tea either.


Liz Mays said...

Oh, I feel for you. Camping is not my thing at all, and I know I couldn't even fake it. I'm sure I'd make my entire family miserable if they were so silly as to bring me along. But I admit that the daytime parts would be a blast. It's just the sleeping that would get to me. :(

Intense Guy said...

If its not your thing, its not your thing... But until you try it, you'll never know. :)

Maybe a practice session? In the backyard? or even in the house but in a sleeping bag on the floor somewhere - just to get a feel for it? The hard ground isn't a lot of fun, but you won't know what to pad the ground with until you know... If hubby has some gear - give it a try...

I used to camp all the time - now I prefer the sofa. Being outside is fine - its just the hard bed that gets to me!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl we are so the same. I'm NOT a camper and skiing yup not for me either! I really like my box too and I try to be open to things and be more fun around with people but I'm just sometimes not that bendable ... lol.

HUGS hun I'm so there with ya!