Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Theme Party Crafts

With less than two weeks to go before Valentine’s day and I’m busy getting organized for the classroom party. Here are two of the craft projects I’m planning.
The first one is an “I {heart} to read” bookmark.
While looking for ideas on pinterest, I saw this idea for making a colorful heart garland and it inspired me to think of a way to make a valentine themed bookmark.
I have to say the hardest part was getting the paint chips. I feel like they are watching me and they know I have no intention of painting. I’m sure it’s a matter of time before we have to pay a deposit to take these things out of the paint store. There are just too many cute crafts you can do with them.
Since most of the red was already gone, I gathered an assortment of colors. I picked up a little heart punch from the dollar bin at the craft store.
I punched a little heart out of each color on each of the paint strips.  I saved the dark shades for another step in the project.
I printed out a sheet of cardstock that says “I (space for a heart) to read”.

I cut this statement into small tags. Then I glued the colored hearts into the open space and punched a hole at the end of the tag.

I cut some ribbon into 12 inch pieces. During the party, the kids will pick the color paint chip they like, then pick an “I (heart) to read” tag and tie them together with the ribbon. If you have older kids and/or more heart punches I’m sure the kids could do more of the work.

One of the other crafts I have ready to go is a Heart Lei
Thanks again to pinterest, I found this paper wreath project.
I’m using softer paper and stapling rather than hot glue. (I try not to do too much with glue…takes too long to dry) I’m also making mine longer so it’s not round but will hang more like a necklace.
First cute your paper into one inch strips then fold them in half.

To start, open one folded piece and turn it around. Bring the end s together and place them inside the fold of the next piece. Use a stapler to secure the papers together.
 Now take the end of the second piece and bring them down until they touch. Now tuck them into the fold of the next (3rd) piece and staple.

 Continue until you have enough hearts connected. It takes about 14 for a kid size necklace.

Ok, I’m off to see what I can get myself into next…


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl I just love all the things you come up with! I love that heart wreath I so want it!

Intense Guy said...

That is really clever!

If they start charging you - I'll go get some strips for you. :) Spread out the "gatherers". :)

Teaching Heart Mom said...

You are rocking the blog posts. I love the bookmarks!