Monday, March 17, 2014

Leprechaun Mischief

My kids look forward to Saint Patrick’s Day every year.

We have a few traditions that make the day (and the day before) filled with fun.

First we make treats for their classmates.

 I melt white chocolate morsels and stir in a few drops of green food coloring then we dip pretzel sticks in the chocolate and sprinkle a little green sugar on top.

Wrap them up and add a sticker and they’re ready to go.

Then we have to make our rainbow cake! I decorate the top with colored sugar to look like a rainbow with a pot at the end. We set that out to see if our Leprechaun will give us some gold coins. (He comes to visit us during the night and wreaks havoc in my house.)
Today we found that he peed green in the potty and didn’t flush. (URG!!!)
 He moved the collection of shoes from the front door to the middle of the room. He moved several of my decorations around…things from the kitchen went into the living room and vice-versa.

The worst is, he brings “Lucky Charm” cereal with him. (Mommy doesn’t buy that kind of cereal)

Of course he makes a mess with it and even added a few toys in for the fun of it. (Those are Lego houses and 3 Lego people in a canoe)

We must make him happy because he gave us gold coins (chocolate ones naturally).

The fun is not over yet…

After school the kids will go on a scavenger hunt and end finding these.

And for dinner I will make Leprechaun quesadillas. (You’ll have to wait to see those)

I hope my kids learn to add some mischief into their lives and remember how to have fun with everyday things.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

You my dear are the BEST mom!!!!

I love love all "he" does :)

Intense Guy said...

i agree with Alexis!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

My kind of girl... I love that cake!!! What a party!!!