Sunday, June 8, 2014

End of Year Teacher Gift

For my son’s Kindergarten teacher this year I planned a group gift from all the kids in the classroom. They will be giving her an apron and a cookbook.

Not just any apron…

The apron has a handprint from each of the kids in the class. I had a white canvas apron and some fabric paint. As the homeroom Mom, I knew in advance of a conference that our teacher had planned to attend. I talked with the sub and the dean of students to plan a time to come into the classroom.

Along with the apron and fabric paint, I took in some wet wipes, paper towels, several paper plates, a paint pen and a check list of student names.

My helper (aka my son) called back one kid at a time. Each child was able to choose the color they wanted, then I spread a little paint out on a plate, squished their hand into the paint and then onto the apron. While my son checked their name off the list a used the paint pen to write the name under their handprint. Then we were on to the next kid.

I timed it so I could do this project in the back of the classroom while the kids were having their snack time. I went in, set up, got all the handprints and cleaned up in just under 30 minutes.

And not just any cookbook…

I sent an e-mail out to the parents of each kid and asked them to please send me a recipe. I printed out each recipe including the child’s name at the top of the page. I put all the recipes together and found this great tutorial for bookbinding. She had great step by step instructions and a picture with numbers and arrows that made it so simple to follow. And the finished product looks so good.

I used brown cardstock for the cover and wrapped the front cover with scrapbook paper to make it pretty.

I made a template to mark off holes for the pages and then I used waxed linen cord to do the binding.
I also included this recipe for the teacher.
Recipe for the Best Kindergarten Teacher
(This will yield one very successful class)
You will need:
Handful of curiosity
1 Cup of Honesty
2 Cups of Teamwork
1 Cup of Effort
2 Cups of Kindness
1 lb. of Excitement for Learning
1 lb. of Passion for Teaching
A Pinch of Fun and a Sprinkle of Creativity
Combine all ingredients with a gentle hand and a loving heart.
Thank you for all the helping hands you have given us.
Enjoy your summer!!!

I think she’s love the gift and remember the kids when she’s looking up one of the yummy recipes.


Intense Guy said...

That is one super precious momento!

You know what would be cool? say in about 15 years or so, those kids all come back with "where we are at now" stories!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh you're so freaking crafty and sweet. Love this!