Monday, September 14, 2009

It's time for some "me time".

Have you ever really needed to get some “me time”? Maybe you spent the weekend playing weekend warrior and cleaning out the basement. Maybe you bickered with your significant other over what “must have” keepsakes stay or go. Maybe you started your Monday off knowing it was a hat day but leaving the house WITHOUT the hat. Maybe you tried to console yourself with a sip of coffee from your travel mug but spilled the coffee on yourself before you had to get out of the van and talk to the preschool teacher. Ok, ok, so that’s all just a glimpse at my life. I joke that I’m always at the bottom of the list but I do try to make sure that I give to myself regularly. It’s nobody else’s job so I better do it. Now it may only be a minute or two ever couple of days but sometimes that’s enough. Let’s all carve out a few minutes of “Me Time” today.

Go for a walk and really look around. Enjoy the scenery.

Make yourself some tea. Hot or iced and sit down to savor a few sips.

Pour yourself a glass of porto and watch the sunset. Be grateful for living another day.

Sit down, put your feet up and listen to the silence. Even if it is only for a minute.

Rub some lotion into your feet slide on some socks and sit back to relax.

Take in a little nature. Find something green, look for the blue in the sky, watch the birds or smell a flower… take a deep breath.

Find a minute or two or five if you can and do something to give to YOU.

What do you do with your “me time”?


kyooty said...

reading posts like this are my minutes! love this post

Intense Guy said...

My "me time" includes looking a beautiful pictures such as these.

*refills your coffee cup with some fresh brew. Cream and/or sugar?*

Teaching Heart (Colleen) said...

I "try" to get in me time... here are my me time goodies:

Reading my blog lists while sipping coffee.

Taking a walk with my ipod on some favorite songs.

During the kids bath time I often read a magazine...

In the car while waiting for the kids, I often paint my nails. I always keep a bottle of nail polish in the glove compartment.

Spending time with friends I enjoy... LIKE YOU!

Liz Mays said...

My favorite time is is when I crawl into bed at night and read, read, read!

Anonymous said... time...gotta be acupuncture. Other than that scheduled in time I'm really bad about me time.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I so need to do this! Loving the pictures, you're just a true inspiration to me! 5 minutes I so can do :)