Monday, October 19, 2009


Sorry to all my bloggy friends and readers. I haven’t been very good at posting this month but it’s nuts over here. I’ve been doing vendor shows and getting ready to host a jewelry open house. I miss reading your blogs as much as I miss posting on mine. I’ll be doing my best to catch up with both soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!!

Thank you also for the orders on Awareness jewelry.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your open house!

Liz Mays said...

You have to make a living, right? I wish you all the success in the world with all your shows and your open house!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Look at you go girl! You go and get your jewelry out! Love to see you but bringing home money is more important!

Sitting sorry not sure I know that word ... lOL