Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick or Treat

It’s time to start having some ghoulish fun. With a little creativity you can have a ton of not so scary Halloween fun.

Let’s see what’s on the menu…

Poison Apples –Fill a basket with some fresh apples and put some mister yuck stickers around it.

Dried Bat Wings with Bug Guts Dip –Blue corn chips look just the way you would imagine a dried bat wing to look. Add a few drops of green food color to some ranch dressing and you’ll have a bowl of bugs guts ready for the feast.

Bat Bones –I wanted shoestring potato sticks for this but couldn’t find them. The matchstick pretzels worked just as well.

Monster Mix -Make some trail mix with black and orange ingredients like chocolate chex, goldfish, raisins, and black & orange M&Ms.

Witch Fingers and Monster Fingers –Use cream cheese to “glue” a piece of olive onto a carrot and you have a finger complete with nail. I colored sliced almonds with green food color and used them as the finger nails on the celery…I mean the monster’s fingers.

Tiny Mummies – Cocktail wieners wrapped in thin cuts of pastry make cute little mummies. Add 2 dots of mustard for eyes.

Spider Web Pie –Use the store bought dough, place to toping on first (cheese and pepperoni) then cover with sauce. Put about ½ cup of alfrado sauce into a baggy and cut the corner open. Make circles of white sauce and then drag the knife through as you cut the slices. Looks just like a spider web.

Worms in Slime – Peanut butter noodles. (I’ll post this recipe some day. It’s really easy and yummy)

Witches Brew – Green punch made with limeade, green sherbet, ginger ale and a few gummy worms.

Eat at your own risk…

Now for entertainment…..

These games are great for kids or adults. (Have a beer and some adults act like kids so it’s close enough.)

Trick or Treat for Words… See how many words you can spell using the letters from “Trick or Treat”
Build a Spider Web… Stand in a circle and use a ball of string or yarn and try to build a spider web.

Wrap the Mummy… Pick an unsuspecting innocent bystander and wrap them up like a mummy using rolls of toilet paper. (What a good Dad he is)

Witches Limbo... Hey, it’s limbo using a witch’s broom.
Candy Corn Relay… Get 2 teams lined up. Have 2 buckets full of candy corn at one end and 2 bowls at the other end of the room. Using large spoons or toy shovels race to fill the bowls up with the candy corn. Each person takes a turn and then gets back in line until the race is over.

What are your fun Halloween Ideas?????


Anonymous said...

Cute ideas!

Liz Mays said...

I posted my husband wrapped completely as a mummy last week on WW. The kids loved when we did that!!! I love your other ideas too!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

great ideas

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I think you rock, always giving the best ideas!