Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are back from our journey over the river and through the woods. We managed to stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop. Now it’s time for a slow and steady start to the New Year.

Hmm, what do I want from this year????
I hope to yell less at my kids. I’ll work on being more patient.
I’d like to see less clutter in my house. (Dust I’ve learned to live with) I’ll work on organizing better.
I’m already fairly frugal. But there is some room for improvement. I’ll try to see that there is less food going to waste.
I could say that I’ll take better care of myself but that one always seems to get dropped first. Why set myself up for failure??? I know I have terrible eating habits, I don’t exercise regularly and I’m usually at the bottom of the list. OK, I’ll see what I can do but no promises here.

My other goals for the year…
I need to rebuild a new web site and get it up and running soon. I’ll worry less about making money and more about just having fun with my jewelry.
(Drum roll….) The one I’ve really been waiting for….
I will be re-decorating my house!
I have big plans to changes things around and make my place homier. There will be plenty of before and after pictures so you all can go along for the ride. Since there is no time like the present, I need to go pack up the Christmas decorations and get this show on the road.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Day and a fabulous 2010!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some great plans for 2010! good luck!

Happy New Year!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Happy New Year Sweetie! Sounds like a wonderful year to come! I think it's a great list and I'm right there with you :).

Can't wait to see you redecorating. We're doing some of this today too! The boys room is the mission, let's see how we do .. LOL

Intense Guy said...

Happy new year!! I hope you can do all those things on your list and more.

Please "take better care of yourself" - some of us want to be reading your blog and checking out your jewelry for years (and decades) to come.