Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stumbling block

I’ve been planning my redecorating for 4 to 5 months. Some things came to me easily and other things are a little harder to find solutions. My kitchen and family room are one big area. It’s a long narrow room with three different windows along the back wall. That side of the house gets all the afternoon/evening sun. This can make it slightly blinding from time to time. So whatever goes on the windows should be able to block out as much sun as possible especially in the summer but we also like to have the light in so it needs to be sturdy enough to get opened and closed frequently.

At the kitchen window I like to look out into the yard or across the way at the cows. I like having more light here but still at times it can be harsh. I don’t want anything to long or frilly at this window for practical reason. I've tried at least three different things here over the years and some where OK but none were great. I made these but never really liked them. They kinda match my walls but that will soon change and they let in way too much sun even with the added liner I put on them.

In the middle of the room, there is the sliding glass door. The rod there was purchased to match the kitchen cabinets, which are now being painted so that will need to be changed. The curtain up there is one that I made to cover the window/door a few years ago while I decided what I was going to do with the room. At first it looked fine when the room was off white. Since then, the room was painted purple but now I plan to give it yet another color. So, I need something more “finished” looking and something that will block out more light than this one (as you can see). I like the general style of this treatment but will need to find fabric that works with my new colors.
In the living/family room area I have two tall skinny windows side by side. We originally got these blinds made-to-order to match the fireplace that is no longer that light oak/maple color but instead a dark walnut color. The blinds worked fairly well but I want something different here now. Plus I don't want to spend the money on custom blinds.

The really hard part is that these three windows are all on the same wall and will need to coordinate with each other as well as the surrounding décor for that part of the room (remember, one end is kitchen and the other end is living room). I headed to the fabric store today and I’m back home now feeling totally overwhelmed. I checked out a ton of fabric and curtain rods and looked in a few books. I have a list of prices that I need to review a few hundred times before I can make a choice. My head hurts.

Do you have any ideas?
What’s your decorating dilemma?


blueviolet said...

I really do like the style of curtains you have on your slider. I can see why you'd like to stick with that kind. My biggest problem is funding my ideas!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, good luck!

Debbie said...

I am not a curtain person. I only have one room with curtains in my whole house. I love the accordion shades that don't have cords - you just pull them down to close and push up to open. They almost disappear and that way I can see all my birds and other pretties!

Intense Guy said...

I'm no help with this - I read this a couple days ago and thought, "well, lets think about it" (and watch some Design U on TV) and the only thing I can think of is making all the curtains the same neutralish color is about the only way to make them unify the three sets of windows. Or perhaps make them thematic in sequence - for instance, from left to right have curtains with a big numbers on them 1 then 2 then 3 ... I know this isn't workable and is too simplistic - just trying to describe what I mean.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh I just know whatever you pick will be wonderful. I've never been good with window treatments.

I've been trying to get motivated to do the boys room. I need to get it going :)