Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping for Jewelry

Here are just a few pointers to think about when you are considering jewelry as a gift.

Once you’ve checked your list and you know whom you’re buying for think about what you may have seen that person wearing in the past. Don’t go too far off the beaten path. If you only see this person in tiny earring or basic colors this may not be the person who would love the extra long, bright orange, dangling earrings. Stay with colors you know they like and will wear as well as a style that is similar to what you have seen them in already.

Some women have their favorite pieces and that is what they wear on a daily basis. They might enjoy something like a zipper pull to add a splash of color to their jacket or purse.

Any jewelry makes a great gift all on it’s own or you could pair it with a top or sweater. If you are doing this you have two different directions you could go. One is to stay in the same color pallet. So if you are giving a beige sweater as a gift you could choose jewelry that is in the brown family.

Or you could go with jewelry that makes a statement. Turquoise earring with a white or brown top can be very eye-catching.

This green necklace looks good with same colored top...

...or it gives an added punch to this teal sweater.

Something with several colors can work with a variety of shirts….

This long multi colored necklace can be worn long or wrapped and worn as a double layer shorter necklace. See how it seems to change with different tops.

If you’re still at a loss I like these simple malachite earrings. They are a dark gray metallic color and will go nicely with any outfit. This is what I put on when I don’t have something to match what I’m wearing.

If you want to go with earring but can’t make up your mind
It’s a gift that keeps coming.
You can order 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.
I will send a different pair
of earrings to the recipient each month.
(E-mail me for prices)

Check out more ideas on my website or see the “open house” post.

Happy Shopping!!


Amyt said...

Everything looks so great! You do beautiful jewelry and great photography. Man, you do wear a lot of hats!

Intense Guy said...

You just sold me on a cobalt blue zipper pull to go with what you are creating for my mom already. :)

Please? :)