Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beach or Shore???

Since we just got hit with yet another bout of the white stuff I thought it would be a good time to take a trip to the beach albeit a virtual trip.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I have some really great friends. Several live close to me and I get to see them regularly. Others live some distance away. One of those friends is truly an amazing person. I love her dearly as a friend, role model and a priceless mentor.

This past summer, she offered us a week in her condo at the beach.
(The view from the patio)

This was our first weeklong vacation in about 6 years. That alone was a blessing. Then to stay in someone’s home for free was really really nice. Especially for the germ-a-phob in me. Knowing I was in a home that was only used by family helped me relax so much more.

This place was so inviting and very spacious. It’s in a private locked building in a more residential area. The beaches to the north and south are more public and touristy but this one was way more private. There was no through traffic and the restaurants and shops were all out on the main road into the beach. That meant only those living in the neighborhood were coming and going. That set the tone for a quiet relaxing week.
Here are some shots of the condo.
The girls stayed in this room. They loved having separate beds but being in the same room.

They had their own bathroom too.

We had a full sized kitchen and it was stocked with all the things you might need but not think to pack for vacation. Plus she told us to eat any/everything we could or wanted.
And not only that but when we got there she had a huge tray of her homemade baked Ziti waiting for us. What a gal!!!!

Here’s the dinning room. Plenty of elbowroom and the other half of the room was the perfect place for the kids to spread out all of their toys.

(Someone wants a cool-pop)

Nice cozy living room with the most comfortable denim furniture. There was a beach view out the front window or you could step out onto the patio for a better look.

A big 15 by 15 foot patio with a partial wall was a great place to set the kids out but keep them contained and safe. Sitting here after they were all tucked in for the night was a nice way to end the day too.

Here’s the sizeable master bedroom. We had plenty of space to set up the pack-n-play for little man’s bed.

Our bathroom was in here.

It gets even better. Not just a beautiful place to stay, we were right across the street from the beach and a 2-minute walk to Asbury Park’s boardwalk. Now, on top of this plus making us a meal for our first evening, she also had toys for all the kids, new buckets and shovels to take to the beach AND she had photos of my kids all around the room so they would “feel like they belonged”. Too sweet!!!!

(This was the best walk of my life!!!)
Aaahhh. I feel relaxed just thinking about our trip to the beach or is it the shore???
I’m still not sure?
What I do know is that we have wonderful memories of a fun family vacation.

(The most fun by far on a bike ride!)

(I had to have a soft-shell sandwich while we were there)

(My little man went exploring)

The best way to start your day....


Teaching Heart Mom said...

Beach for me... That place looked awesome! What a nice friend!!

Heather said...

Wow that looks like a nice time and such a nice place to stay. It's wonderful to be in a place that's so much like home that you can really relax. Glad you guys had such a great vacation.

Intense Guy said...

What a nice place to get some R and R!! "Joisey" has some really great beaches. I think most of the snow is gone in this corner fo the state - how's it looking at your end now?

Spring (and the clock changing) will be here soon!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is such a blessing and what a great place. The house is so cute and love the space. And food waiting now that really is what I call a great way to start your vacation!

LOVE the pictures :)