Friday, December 20, 2013

Classroom Christmas Party

This year I am “homeroom” Mom for my son’s Kindergarten class. I think I’m having way too much fun planning the various holiday parties. Here’s what we did for Christmas this year.
I cut strips of paper to fit over the label and used a bingo dabber to make a red nose, drew on eyes and taped the label on the bottle. Then I used a brown pipe cleaner to wrap around the top for antlers.
My older kids had so much fun helping with all the tasks and we used the activity to talk about the industrial revolution and the use of assemble lines.
We glued paper hats to the top of cheese sticks tied a ribbon around them and used a Sharpie to draw on faces, buttons and a carrot nose.
I used a circle punch to make red nosed and a dot of glue to stick them to paper bags. Drew on eyes then filled the bags with popcorn. Mini clothes pin were used to look like tiny antlers.


We made candy canes with red and white beads. I cut pipe cleaners in half before the party. I also printed out cards with the story of the candy cane to go home with them.

Legend of the Candy Cane
Look at the Candy Cane
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me.
White is for my Savior
Who is sinless and pure!
“J’ is for Jesus
my Lord, that’s for sure!
Turn it around
And a staff you will see 
Jesus my shepherd
Was born for ME!
We also made a baby in a manger.
I used cupcake papers for the manger and filled them with shredded paper (gift bag filler). I pre glued the “straw” in the cupcake papers to save mess and glue drying time during the party.

The baby was made from old fashioned clothes pins that my husband cut in half to make them smaller. The kids wrapped little pieces of felt around the baby and tied it on with a piece of cord.
Then they glued the baby on the straw. Some of the kids drew faces on their baby. It was fun to hear their story of “the baby is sleeping“ or “the bay is crying because it’s hungry”. I love the glimpse into their little minds.

I printed out a Snow Globe game here.

Between actives and when there was any down time the kids went to the back of the room to play a snowball toss game. 
I used a pop up laundry bin from the dollar store and decorated him with cardstock to look like a snowman. We tossed plastic baseballs as the “snowballs”.

The other game played was a Snowman Team Relay Race.

This game was a huge hit!

With two teams, you will need; 2 half used rolls of TP
2 hats
2 scarves
2 sets of sticks for arms (4 total)
Cut out buttons (3 for each snowman)
And 2 carrot noses.
I made small cones from cardstock and attached a piece of elastic to go around their heads.

Each team has one person to become the snowman.
Then first person up has to wrap their teammate with the TP.
Then each of the following people add one item; hat, scarf, arms, tape on buttons and then finally the nose.
So many of the parents have told me that the kid want to re-create the game at home to play with family.


Liz Mays said...

You are crazy creative and oh to be a child in that classroom. You're so fun!

Intense Guy said...

I agree with Liz! Such awesome creativity!! I love those bottle reindeer!

amyt said...

You're good! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you're the best mom!!!

I so want to do some of those for next year!