Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Beginning

Happy New Year 2014! With a new year comes the chance to start fresh and try again at those “resolutions”. The same goals tend to pop up and we try over to approach them but maybe in a different way, hoping that this time it will work or at the very least, last longer.

For me, the beginning of 2013 came with a hit; much like a one-two punch. I suffered a blow that had a hugely negative impact on my life. It hurt me personally, emotionally, professionally and financially. Through a series of events I came to question every friendship/relationship I have had in the past as well as current ones. I questioned my ability to judge someone’s character and my own ability to trust. I have slowly been pulling myself upward emotionally. In finding my spirit again I have been re-inspired to create.

I always start a new year out with hope and intrigue for what that coming year will bring. This time I thought I might need to take a running start at a new year. Towards the end of November, I was felling optimistic and gave myself a challenge for the month of December. I would create something every day. I make a lot of things for my business but that tends to be in waves. My challenge was to keep me going on the momentum of creating. I set the challenge so that I would make at least one item daily. It could be for business or for me personally. It could be a craft that I made as a gift, something for the kids or better yet with the kids. It could even be a project that was already started and coming to be finished during the challenge.

To keep up with a daily deadline, I had to be organized and diligent. Some of my creations needed time to dry between steps or they took more than a day to finish so I had to be sure I was moving forward all the time. Moving forward felt good and it helped me to find more of a balance in my business, myself and my family.
Here is a fun look at several of the projects I worked on during my “Creative Challenge”.

A lion T-shirt for my son made with bleach pen
A gift for Grandma

Thumbprint Christmas lights. (My friend suggested making these on a roll of white craft paper to use as wrapping paper...Great idea!)

Paint Chip trees

Teacher Gift for her "mistletoes"

These Mistletoes now hang in my foyer

Nail art for my girlies

Some cute snowmen for my kitchen

A special order birthstone bracelet for a customer. This Grandma has 8 grandchildren. What a special gift for her.


This is a hand chain I made for myself. I'm making a few changes so I can add these to my product line.
A simple earring I made for ME!
Red leather wrap bracelet
Braided breacelet
A crocheted necklace but you can also wrap it as a bracelet.
This blue circle bracelet and the black and white knot bracelet were new patterns I was trying out. (My Mother-in-law kept these for herself)

Now my next challenge will be to keep up with more regular blog posts.

I hope you all are getting off to a great 2014!!


Intense Guy said...

It is SO good to see you back - and back to creating more fabulous works of art and fun.


Liz said...

2013 was a hard year , wasn't it? It was definitely ab=n eye opener for me. And I am so grateful for the experiences. Character is such an important attribute in people, and it has become so hard to find. You needed the cleansing. You needed to pain and the heartache and the aloneness that came with the brokenness. It made you stronger. He has a plan. And that plan is so much bigger than what you know. I am proud to be your friend, and I am proud of you for pulling yourself out of the muck and moving forward. Here is to 2014 - new beginnings!

amyt said...

I'm glad to see you are back at it and ready to move on. Good for you for facing your friendship challenge and setting new goals for yourself. You can't keep a creative Mama down!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

so glad you are back! you learned so much from all you went through and you are better for it! rock on!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love you are back my dear!!

You are so freaking crafty, I love them all!