Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Blogging Soon

It has been such a busy, busy holiday week/weekend. A play date one day, off to the local theater for a kid show of Cinderella the next, then to lunch with the wild kiddos. Check in with a friend to see if she’s had that baby yet….NO. Go to an outdoor concert to start the 4th festivities (on the 2nd) then to a friend’s house to run off some steam and get the little man covered in sand. Quick bath and catch some fireflies. Next day, up to serenade the “baby”. Little man is officially TWO! Let the terrible twos begin! Out the door for the best parade in the state, grand marshaled by our towns own Bobby Vinton!!! Tailgate there for a good 3 hours, home for a short nap (baby and Dad only) then off to a friends house for swimming, cook out, bon fire, more lightening bugs and fireworks!!!!!
Sleep hard and fast because we’re up early for church then a few chores while the big 2 year old naps then to a family picnic. Whew, got the girls off to art camp, time for mama to re-group and get ready for another busy week. Back to some real blogging soon, there are all kinds of topics floating around my head.


Intense Guy said...


Happy birthday to the little man! (I hope you manage the terrible twos without going bald!)

Sounds like you absolutely make the most of summer!! Enjoy!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Holly smokes busy girl! Lot's of fun in there!

Happy birthday little man, 2 is great times. Can't wait to see what crafty things you do for the party!