Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proof that I'm nuts

For those of you who know me you’re probably thinking, “Huh, we didn’t need proof”. For those of you on the fence, let me gently push you over.

Remember the cute little T-shirt dresses I made the other day for my girlies???

Well, I just had to do it…

Oh yes.

I had left over ladybug fabric and leftover t-shirt fabric that I had cut from the bottom of the girl’s t-shirts.

I took one of their doll shirts and traced it as a pattern for the t-shirt part of the dress.

I inspected the doll shirt closely to see how it was put together and copied it as best I could.

Now, I have never made doll clothes before and doubt that I will again. If you sew, throw out all the rules when it comes to making doll clothes. Like don’t fold twice for a hem. Just fold once and stitch. Don’t even think about backstitching (Hitting the reverse button to “knot” the ends of your sewing line). Everything is way too tiny for those kinds of details. This must be where the saying “held together by a thread and prayer” came from.

I also changed how I attached the skirt part. For the doll dress I left the ladybug fabric open until after it was attached to the shirt. I also ironed in a few pleats before I pinned things together.

Once it was together, I stitched up the back part way and put a hem in the rest with a few Velcro closures. Vola!
Did you notice their stylish footwear??? If the dresses weren’t enough I made SHOES!?!

When I presented the dolls all dressed in their new attire my darling daughter inquired… “Are you making shoes too Mama?” “Santa made some shoes out of fabric and cardboard.”

(Thinking to self; Ok, how hard could it be…Santa does it.)

So I scrounged up some felt, craft foam and the ribbon. Pulled out my trusty glues anything glue and went to work.

Ta DA!!!!
What I didn’t think about was that Santa has Elves

I will NEVER


NEVER EVER make doll shoes again.

But boy, the look on their face was worth it!!!!!!!
I am Mommy… I can do ANYTHING (For about 10 minutes then they’ll think something different I’m sure).


Iva said...

SO CUTE!!!!! I think the shoes are darling!

blueviolet said...

I LOVE how those came out, and even if you never make shoes again, they really turned out darling!

Intense Guy said...

Are you sure you won't ever make shoes again?


I think I was one of those that needed a gentle pushing...

...but I fell on the "just amazingly creative" side of the fence.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

those dolls made me laugh!

Nancy B said...

Are you taking orders for these? Carly and her dolls would LOVE it!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

You my dear are just amazing!!! I can't get over all these things you do, you're the best mom! I'm jealous as always :)

I agree if you never make shoes again they are SUPER cute!!!

Debbie said...

I was right there with you on the dresses but when you got to the shoes, I agreed you had gone over the edge:)
Actually, they are all adorable and I'm sure they were a huge hit.