Monday, March 30, 2009

1st Quarterly Check

Can you believe that we are at the end of our first quarter for 2009? Time is just flying by. I started this year with some lofty goals in mind. In my post about goals, I talked about setting a timeline and checking back for progress. My overall goal for 2009 is to find more balance in my life. You know, those “many hats” that I wear. I don’t want December to creep up on me and then realize that I didn’t come close to my goal. I’m checking in now to see how I’m doing so far.

I wear the hat of: a woman, a wife, a mom, a homemaker, a friend, an occupational therapist and a jewelry designer. My goal for the year was to find balance in all that I do and make sure that I stay true to all areas of my life.

My goal is to do something everyday for each area of my life: each of my three kids as individuals and my family as a unit (or one-on-one time with my husband which can only help the family unit), the house, my friendships, my business and something just for me. Hey! How did I get moved to the end of the list? And what’s with the word “just”? OK, I’m calm; at least I am finally on the list. As long as I stay true to my goal, I will pay attention to myself at some point each day. (Even if it’s for one minute, I will give to me.)”

Let’s look at the topics I have covered so far:
I have been an OT (Goals, W-sitting, Have a glass of water and My Aching Back)
I have been a jewelry designer/business woman (Why do I blog, Promo time and DYI Bookmark)
I have been a mom and homemaker (Manic Monday, I heart my swiffer, What to do with all those baby wipes, Dinner fast, easy and they’ll eat it, “Mom, where’s the…?”)
I have been a friend (Call a friend)

So that about covers my blog posts for this quarter.
Aaaa, Do you see wife anywhere around there? Ummm, better get on that soon. (So much to do, so little time).

Outside of the blogging world I think I’m doing fair. I am taking steps toward my goal but there is still room for improvements. I know it’s a lot to fit-in, but with some good time management (I see a future blog topic) I think I can accomplish my goal. I did say I wanted to do something everyday for each area of my life. I try daily to do just that but honestly, I miss a few things here and there. The kids always get their time daily, the family as a unit gets time a good 5 to 6 days a week, (one-on-one time with the hubby…ouch. That one hits the list 2 to 3 times a month.) Defiantly need to pay more attention there. The house gets some attention; just not what it really needs, but that is getting better. I do something for my business each day. And I think I’m a good friend; I try to connect with friends daily (not everybody everyday, but I am building and honoring my friendships).

Ahhh, I almost forgot about ME!!! Why does that keep happening??? Wait, I did do a post about “pretty feet”. Ok, so I don’t make it to the daily list. (No shock there). I do get some “Me” time during a virtual girls night out. It’s a fun way to discover other blogs and their writers. So with drink in hand, head over to Ann’s on Friday night. Come over on the 3rd and you might win a pair of my earrings in a giveaway. Here’s my contribution to last weeks game.

In the mean time, am working at giving to myself more, even if it is just one minute, but I really only do “me” maybe once a week. (Things like a shower or eating - just don’t count. And good thing too ‘cause they don’t happen everyday either).

So, I’ve put my cards on the table. How are you doing with your goals???

If you haven’t put them in writing yet…GO GET A PEN.

(Next update in three more months)


Anonymous said...

At the beginning of each year I always want to include more of me in the year. So far,
It ain't looking to good :)

Anonymous said...

I think so many people forget about the importance of pampering themselves. I make sure at the end of every week that I've done one thing for myself, if not, I get it in during the weekend.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right that writing them down is the way to go. I might just try that for next quarter. :)

Patty said...

Ha don't ask! I'm not sure if my goals are going as I planned but I'm getting there.

Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

I'm afraid to write mine down . . . it becomes so obvious when I don't hit them! I'm always interested that so many of we women have "more one-on-one time with hubby" on the list . . . I never seem to hear that on the hubby's list. In fact, I never seem to hear that hubby's HAVE lists. Maybe I'm cynical here . . . is it because they aren't so busy doing so much for everyone else? Just askin'.

jewelrybyrebecca said...

Agh!!! That is so true Elaine! They DON'T have a "list". I have tried to give him one that I conveniently put together for him (You know to save him the time and all) but it never seems to get addressed. Ummm???? Maybe a list is too much kike multi-tasking. Men hate to multi-task and women multi-task in their sleep.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

way to go ms. r!!! i think putting it out there in writing makes us stick to it more. ps. i would say you are doing a great job on the friend part as well as many others.