Monday, March 2, 2009

I {heart} my Swiffer

The one "I can’t do without" product in this house is my trusty swiffer. I have white floors and three kids plus one not so tidy hubby. Enough said! I swiffer daily, twice if people are coming over. Well, not all people. My Mom and the friends who have been instructed to never see any dirt or dust in my house don’t qualify for the double swiffer. But you can be sure that my trusty swiffer is never far away. Not only do I keep it close at hand but I buy the cleaning pads in bulk.

Why am I sharing this little tid-bit you ask? Well, sit right there and let me tell you.
Alice made me do it.
Who’s Alice?
I’m glad you asked.
Alice (dot) com asked about my favorite household product and the rest is…well, you just read the rest.
Now for your chance to win a Flip Video Camera, go see Alice and tell her about your favorite household product.

Good Luck!!


Teaching Heart Mom said...

wahhhhoooo... me toooooo!!! i am a swiffer maniac! we have so much in common. hee-hee! they are the greatest for dog hair (dry wipes). i use mine at least once a day and in the summer when doggy sheds (up to 4 times). i get my supplies for my swiffer at sams. i buy in bulk.

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post, thanks Rebecca! (great name by the way :) I'd love for you to add that photo to our Flickr group. I've been wanting to try Swiffer for awhile, I think this post just swayed me.

Anonymous said...

You are slick. I like how you did that.