Friday, August 7, 2009

I need a change

It’s time for a change. I’m in a bit of a funk. I don’t know if I’m coming down off the cleaning/planning/preparing frenzy from the recent in-law visit or if it’s something else. The summer is almost over and I feel a little panicked. It seems that it was just yesterday that I was worried about having enough activities to keep the busy little people… busy. Now, I need to go get school clothes and supplies ready. I’m in a decorating dilemma. I’m not in love with the way things look in my house, but I’m not sure what direction I want to go, not to mention, that there is a VERY tight budget on any unnecessary spending. Then there are a few other incidental issues and stressors bouncing around in my head.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of modifying my business some and with a little luck, I may just get some extra inspiration from those changes. As many of you know, I have my own jewelry website. I’ve used it for more than 3 years to showcase jewelry and purses that I custom make here at home. The website it’s self is very cumbersome for me to update and keep current. Because of that more than half of my new designs aren’t listed on the site. The biggest benefit to having the website is that I have a shopping cart and can accept credit card purchases. With that, comes an added expense that could be eliminated. Most of my customers e-mail me what they want and then use pay pal anyway. So, I’ve been considering using a blog to showcase items I have in stock and examples of what I can custom create. With a blog, customers could e-mail me and use pay pal to make a purchase, it would be easier for me to list new items and make regular updates, not to mention that it would save me a ton in hosting fees.

(Please feel free to chime in here and give me your ideas/feedback on the idea).

I have listed a few items on shop handmade. I get a few hits, but I’m not selling much there and it’s hard to get the more custom-made concepts across in a marketplace like this or esty. And they tend to be overwhelming with so many other artists listed. Who knows, maybe I’m just going about it wrong or maybe I like the control of having my own “store” minus the template.
In my research, I even came across this post from at home mom blog. It’s a great review of ways to sell goods online. If it’s something you’re considering, you should go check it out.

Since I’m initiating these changes, I’m also thinking of streamlining the name. I mean, come on,
Jewelry and Gifts by Rebecca (dot) com a mouthful.

I first thought it would be good to say what I do and easy for people to remember but it’s just long. However, I have no idea what to change to. I would like it to be short, catchy, available, concise, descriptive and easy to pair with a logo. (Picture me thinking, scratching head, going for the chocolate…) URG!

Here comes another stumbling block. Everything I look up is either taken or the name of a porn star.

I know it’s not like you don’t have anything else to do but I’m open to some suggestions. I’ll even toss in some incentive with this lovely bracelet. If you give me the most useful feedback on using a blog as a storefront and come up with a new name then you get my gratitude and a little bling.

Thanks !!!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Jeez I wish had something clever for you. I'm sick and not thinking well, let me sit on it and try to come up with something.

Beautiful bracelet ;)

amyt said...

What about Becca's Beads? It's catchy and flows right off the tongue.
I love how you are always challenge yourself and never afraid of change!

Anonymous said...

If you wanna do a 'giveaway' on my blog to get viewers to your pieces let me know. I would post the giveaway as everyone has to visit your site and find their favorite thing and leave it in the comment to be entered. It would increase your traffic. I get upwards of 300 hits a day on my blog so it would be sending that traffic your way. Just a thought.

jewelrybyrebecca said...

Feel better Alexis!

Aw, my grammy called me Becca... I like it Amy!

What a great idea Yaya, we'll have to do that.

Jan said...

Rebecca, what are you using for the shopping cart? How are you accepting and processing the credit card payments?

I do ecommerce sites for a living, and will be more than willing to give you some feedback on how to make your site easier to update and maintain. Give me an email if you're interested:

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yup brain still dead, hmm might be a summer thing. But still love your creations :)

Hope you're out of the funk, I hat getting into them!

Patty said...

Wow that's really nice of Yaya. I can't think of anything either. I also love, love, love to make my own jewelry among other items.

Good luck! I'll keep thinking.