Friday, August 14, 2009

A trip to the ER

The Wall

The Hill

The Catapult

The Injury

While practicing her bike riding the other night my baby, not yet 6 years old, decided to go Evil Kenevil on us. She went over the berm of our driveway and down the hill towards the neighbor’s house, despite her Dad chanting, “Use your breaks…use your breaksUSE YOUR BREAKS!”

He put the baby down in the grass and sent my 4-year-old inside to get me and then scooped our princess up from the heap of bike and dirt. At first it looked fairly bad. Purple. Bloody. Swollen. Bad enough, that we pulled things together for a trip to the ER. I was sure x-rays would reveal a fracture. After several hours of reading the two books I sent with them, moving from one place to another in true hospital hurry up and wait manner, they came home. It’s just a bad abrasion. No fractures. Whew!!!!

BTW, that is not blood on the wall in my photo and that hill is a lot steeper than it appears. I guess we’re lucky that in almost 6 years and with three kids, this was our first run to the ER. Let’s hope it is the last.
Do you have any ER stories?


Anonymous said...

On no! Ouch!

Evil kenevil...haha...

I've never broken a bone. (knock on wood)

Intense Guy said...

I've never been to the ER (personally). My younger brother was the ER-goer - stepped into a hole and broke an ankle, and later fell out of a tree and broke a wrist.

Glad your little one isn't hurt more that she was.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

O, no!!! I thought she was looking pretty confident... sometimes a little fear helps. I hope you has a glass of wine tonight.

I hate ERs... I have been there once with my youngest for a fever that spiked 105.3 ! They tried to put a catheder (Sp?) in his little Pee-pee (he was 9 months)... IT WAS SO TERRIBLE and ever since then I fear going to the ER with any of my kids, so much so that when he hit his ear on a rocker... i thought I will just hold it till the bleeding stops. It stopped and the next day at the ped., our doctor goes, "He really should have probably had stitches!"

kyooty said...

Now that was an impressive move, but ouch!

Christina-Marie Wright said...

If we're going to head to the ER, it's more likely to be my girls than my boys...

Pepper was training for the Olympics or something on the metal railings lining the edges of the sidewalk at the park when she broke her nose. I got to be the First Response Team member on that.

GirlWonder fell out of the neighbor's tree house and compound fractured her arm ("Today's arm is brought to you by the letter Z"). Guess which parent got to be present for that one? Oh, yeah... that was ME.

Why can't they screw themselves up on Mr. Wright's watch?

Glad your darling is okay!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad she is alright. At least her visit was warrented by a fantastic catapault and not falling off of couch cushions that were ..On..The... Floor.....

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh girlie, no more Evil stunts! I'm glad nothing is fractured.

Heart stopping moment, ahhh! Made my heart skip a beat for you.