Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day tasks...DONE!

A long weekend around here brings up the same conversation each time. Hubby wants to cook out on the grill and have friends over and I want to use the extra time to get stuff done. There is the ever growing “to do” list and long weekends seem to be the only time to make a real dent in them.

This past Labor Day was no different. Same conversation…same outcome. We get tons of stuff done (the more done the better mood I’m in) and then we cook out on the grill without having company over with the promise to have friends over soon. Funny, the same conversation and I always win. You'd think he'd learn????

After a few trips to the hardware store, we managed to get several little jobs done. Many of them have been on the “Honey do” list for some time and some of them were newly added after scoring big at the neighborhood yard sale.

Since we have been using our patio more and more I’ve been wanting to make it feel more like an outdoor "room". On one side I have curtains hanging that slide open and close as needed. To help give it a “wall” on the other side, I’ve wanted to hang some sheets of lattice up for privacy.

This first one made a huge difference already. Maybe I can get hubby to hang another one next month???
We put some landscape fabric and rocks down under the deck steps to hinder the weeds from filling that space. The rocks were from our wedding so it’s nice that I have a place for them now. Rather than in the bags tucked in a corner of the garage. (They were used to weigh down buckets from our centerpieces and I had to save them.)

Hubby replaced the support brackets for the curtain rod on the patio. The first set got bent during the last big wind.

Lots of painting got done...

Buckets from our wedding (Ok so it was 8 years ago. Maybe I have some packrat in me but I get it honestly. Grandma B would be so proud)

Anyway, I gave them a fresh new look and turned them into mood lighting for the evenings. (I painted 2 others that will be for plants)

I found this metal decoration weeks ago and liked the shape. I painted it to coordinate a, little better and hung it on the patio.

(I hit a few birdhouses with a coat of paint too but they still need a little more detail work before they are done.)

A few weeks ago I came across this chair at an antique/consignment store. It was in good shape except for the paint and it was on sale for $8.00.

I spent another $8.00 on fabric to make a slip cover for the cushion. I even had enough to make a back pillow too.

Last but not least, I painted not one but two chandeliers. Remember, the one was from my dining room and the other was just $1.00.

I pulled all the wire out and took apart anything that was electrical.

I disassembled everything, painted it all and then put it back together. Then I add some glass votives and tea lights.

This one is done and I plan to use it out in the yard on this Shepard’s hook during parties. In the mean time I’ll keep it under the deck on the patio until I get enough votives for the bigger one.

Look, it's blue.
It feels so good to cross so many things off the list. I wonder how long I can keep this going????


Heather said...

Oh I like - Love!!! What you've done with your finds and your keepsakes. How cool to be able to enjoy and reminisce about your wedding at the same time. You are so creative and did a wonderful job with all your projects! Beautiful! Congratulations on such a productive weekend!

blueviolet said...

I wanna go yard sale shopping with you and then learn how to make these things all new and pretty!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

You amaze me... you have the magic touch and a great eye for things and how they may look one way now and how you can make them look GREAT! I really need to work on things in my house.. reading your blog makes me feel a bit lazy. I think Patrick needs to read your blog and see how well Tony gets things done! LOL!

Intense Guy said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are soooo crafty! You ought to be the TV host for that craft show of the same name! "She's So Crafty!".

I really like how that lattice worked out - and the nice cushion for the chair... I can see why the "honey" of the "honey do" list doesn't want to stand up when he's home - its sooooo nice and comfy!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

My dear lord you really are a Martha Stewart. I can bake but to pull stuff like this out of my hat is not happening.

That CHAIR is my favorite piece!