Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

Every year our neighborhood does a community yard sale. In the past I have set up tables and priced my treasured items and then stood outside for hours trying to make a deal with countless numbers of individuals. One year I had several of my friends come join me and bring their stuff along for the selling fun. (That really was the best year as far as fun goes.)

This year I closed the garage door, put on a baseball cap, tossed the little man into the stroller and off we went to make a deal from the other side of the table. After a few hours of walking and a trip back in the van for pick up, I came home very happy with my stash.

There is something for everyone.

A new (to us) movie for the girls to add to the 100 we already have.

Three chapter books (never opened) for the big second grader and a “learning to read” book for the Kindergartener for a total of $1.00.

Here’s an awesome “big boy” tool bench for the little man.

My little "butterfly" tripped over my (okay… Dada’s) tripod the last time I was taking jewelry pictures and she bent the one leg beyond repair. I had to return the one the kids got him for Father’s day since he didn’t really like the legs. So, how lucky was it to find one made better for much less money???? Now I can start taking jewelry pictures again and list more items on my website.

I scored this chandelier for just a $1.00. I have a plan to paint it and turn it into a candle light for the patio.

I was going to use this one that I took down out of our dinning room during the makeover (No, I didn’t forget and yes, I will post about that soon). Anyway, now I have a bigger one for more light and a second one to use somewhere else. Hmmm????

This coffee table was easy to get home. We carried it across the yard from next door. She made sure I had a plan to refinish it or paint it or something. (I always have a plan) I want to change the height (or length) of the legs to make it a little taller and use it for a kid’s table outside. It’ll be great for guests and parties. The table they have now fits about one and a half kids yet I have squished 3 around it.

Isn’t this a fine set of wood working tools? Ya never know when I might pick up a new hobby. I have tons of free time.

What would a long weekend be without a trip to the home improvement store? After collecting all our yard sale finds I had to get some paint and some wood to complete all my “plans”. I also persuaded Hubby to purchase several kid size chairs for the new table. They’re on sale…it’s a bargain… right? That’ll cover what I’m doing for the rest of this weekend and the next few blog posts.

So, do you yard sale? Are you a seller or a shopper??? What are you doing with your long weekend?


blueviolet said...

I'm a seller and a shopper! I have my own about every 2 years and I usually go shopping many times each year, but this year I haven't gone to any. Sad but true.

Heather said...

Wow you did good with your loot! And all we did was maneuver our way out of the plan and not come home until it was over. Perhaps next year I'll actually walk around and take a look - maybe I'll find buys as good as you did - of course then I'll have projects that I won't complete and will have to sell the following year. Hmmm... I am so impressed with how well you did and am really looking forward to your transformations! Good Job!

Intense Guy said...

You found some real steals. I occassionally browse and never sell. :)

Debbie said...

You got some great finds! My favorite would have to be the EB White books.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Girl you're the best, I'm usually the seller but I wish I could get more involved with being a shopper!

I can't wait to see the table :)