Friday, September 10, 2010

Undocumented language

It’s a strange language that can be difficult to interpret. After years of working as a therapist I have an increased ability to understand almost anyone. I’ve worked with health care professionals from dozens of other countries some with very thick accents. I’ve had clients recovering from a variety of illnesses that have affected their speech and ability to speak. One thing I have prided myself on is being able to decipher what others are trying to communicate.

Vocabulary list:

Poll up
Jew bob
Pa panno

Where did this list a words come from you ask. These are the words first spoken in this house as one of my three little people made their first attempts at getting a point across.

Let’s review:

Sam-bup ~ Momma, sam bup and come get me. (Stand up)
Poll up ~ Can I have a poll up? (Lollypop)
Gis-scunk-sticks ~ This diaper is gis skunk stinks. (Disgusting)
Jew bob ~ Jew bob going potty. (Good job)
Warroo ~ Dada, warroo? (Where are you)?
Pa panno ~ Can I play with the pa panno? (Piano)
F_ck ~ I need a f_ck. (fork)
Scoom ~ I also need a scoom. (Spoon)

I’ve loved hearing these words over the years. At 7, 5 and 2 most words are pronounced clearer now and they keep getting better each day. I’m a little sad to hear the “baby” leaving from the vocabulary.


Heather said...

How funny! It's amazing what a good interpreter we become as mom's. Of course I had an advantage - In college all the engineering courses either had a professor or a teaching assistant that was virtually impossible to understand - though by the end of a semester I could understand them without a problem. I think it was training for later in our careers when we'd invariable meet up with international colleagues. I should remember and write down a few of our "vocabulary" words in this house - I'm sure we'll forget and they are such a part of life in these early years.

Intense Guy said...

Wow... I was stumped on most of them and I've had years of experience reading typos and bad (mangled) grammar!

:) Takes an impressive mom to decipher those out!