Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Admittedly it’s time for me to post something a little lighter. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought I would share the craft we made for the kiddos to take to school.
I found this cute printout on the Family Fun web site that looks like the menu for an iPod. You can even change the song or fill in your kid’s name as the song title.

You will need:

Several copies of the “i Pod” printable
Boxes of candy conversation hearts
A bag of kisses
White string or cord (I used lanyard cord)
Red or pink paper
Tape, scissors and a glue stick.

I cut the cord about 4 feet and taped a kiss to each end.
Then fold the cord in half and tape the fold to the side of the candy heat box.
Wrap the box in a strip of colored paper and tape.
Cut out the menu and control pad for the iPod and use a glue stick to attach them to the box of candy.

Each of my girls made 15 for their classmates and I made a few for a play group that my younger two had here at home. Each kid had custom songs that included their names in the titles so their “valentine” is already signed.

We sat around the table and made all of them in a day with several breaks to go play. The most fun is watching them hold the kisses up to their ears and dance to the pretend music.


Intense Guy said...

Now that's is awesome and remarkable and way too cute!!

Your girls really must have impressed their classmates with these!

:) Looks like you "still got it" when it comes to really cool crafts!

amyt said...

Cute idea! I may have to try that one!

Heather said...

How cool! You are so good at making life special with your kids! Thanks for such a great idea.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

My lucky kids got one! Zachary actually would not eat his... He was using it for several days and bouncing around the house singing... Today he broke down and ate one of the headphones... funny, he goes; "it stiil works with just one ear phone." Lol! Thanks for making my kids groove and smile.